Giancarlo Perego Spa

Giancarlo Perego S.p.A was certified ISO 9002 in 1995 and reconfirmed certification ISO 9001.2008 in April 2010.

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We request our visitors to take a pair of minutes’ pause listening to some good Italian music and in the meantime to fill in a short questionnaire that will help us to improve.

Questionnaire for the Customer Satisfaction

The certificates that can be required at the moment of the request of quotation are the following:

- Chemical Analysis of the required materials
- Micro photographs of the material
- Certificate of dimensional control
- Certificate of roughness
- Certificate of hardness
- Certificate of the thickness of the metallization
- Drawings for the ordinary moulds maintenance

According to the ISO 9001 rules, even if not required by the customer,
a copy of the above – mentioned documents is saved for 5 years in our files.