G. Perego S.p.A make available a technical department to analyse every aspect connected to the glass forming in every production process (BB-BP-NNPB); the multilingual speaking team is composed of a considerable group of technicians with long experience in the glass production. They are in a position to supply a of Tailor Made projecting service that allows to adapt and to optimise every design to the multiple and specific demands of every single customer.
In case of need to get directly in contact with its designers, GPerego S.p.A. offers to his customers a phone line that can be used esxclusively for technical issues at (+39) 02 48405818.
Over 40 years of activities supported by the most modern computer science technologies have allowed us to put an on line service of technical assistance at the customer’s disposal.
The obtainment of certification ISO 9001 in 2001 represents the guarantee for our customers.